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Restaurant Teaches Social Media Influencer A Lesson With Hilarious Practical Joke

A restaurant played a prank on an influencer.


  • A restaurant posted a hilarious conversation with an influencer.
  • The influencer asked for free food in exhange of social media promotion.
  • The restaurant in turn decided to teach him a lesson.

Let’s admit that social media influencers are all the rage these days. They have created their own unique marketing clout that actually works, considering all of us are hooked to various social media platforms. This particular influencer, however, tried to take undue advantage of his profession and got pranked in return. In a hilarious incident, a restaurant in U.K. pulled a fast one on an influencer who was asking for free food in return for a social media shout-out. The whole play was meticulously planned by the restaurant and came to its fruitful end, with the mission of teaching the influencer a lesson.

Four Legs – a pop-up food joint in London played a prank on the influencer when he contacted them to provide him free food. He wrote in his message that he would advertise the restaurant thought his Instagram stories in exchange of takeaways – not just for him, but for his friends too.
The restaurant went ahead and posted the screenshots of the entire conversation on their Instagram handle.

Take a look –

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Bribing the restaurant, he wrote, “As mentioned, I’ll do stories alongside swipe up to direct my followers to your site and will also be happy to at a later date visit again when you do dine in for a feed post depending if I could make this blend with my feed.”

The restaurant replied with. “That’s quite a lot of food, if you could do a couple of posts then we can do it – you’ve got a lot of followers.”

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The whole conversation culminated to a point where the restaurant gave the influencer directions that actually made him reach a police station, and wrote, “Go in there and report yourself for crimes against the hospitality industry.”

The Instagram post revealing the whole incident received several likes and appreciative reactions.

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