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Health42 mins ago

Healthy Snacking On The Go: Here Are The Perfect Travel Companions You Can Find

Year-end is here, time to travel and visit new places. Family holidays are the flavour of the season. Holidays usually...


Health1 hour ago

Love Butter Chicken? Start Your Day With A Creamy Butter Chicken Sandwich Spread (Recipe Inside)

Health2 hours ago

This Viral Hack Is The Easiest Way To Get Perfectly Round Cookies Every Time

  • Health2 hours ago

    Rana Daggubati Is “Just Being A Heavy Duty South Indian” With These Delicious Dishes

    It’s always a fun to have insights from the personal lives of celebrities. It’s good to know that they, too, have a strong liking for food...

  • Health2 hours ago

    Industrialist Harsh Goenka Revealed Most Ordered Foods By Indians In 2021; Do You Agree?

    Industrialist Harsh Goenka enjoys a huge fan following on Twitter. He stays connected with his followers by sharing his thoughts on various happenings in the country...

  • Health3 hours ago

    Watch: How To Reheat Pizza Leftovers Without A Microwave

    We all have had those nights when we have ordered too much pizzsa for dinner and have a ton of leftovers the next day. Last night’s...

  • Health3 hours ago

    Watch: How To Make Fish Finger For A Quick And Easy Party Snack

    As we count the days for the year to end, we can’t help but be excited about the New Year ahead of us. Everybody has their...

  • Health4 hours ago

    The Chaunk Brings To You The Finest Bihari Cuisine In Delhi NCR

    Delhi is one of the Indian cities that has the highest in-migrants numbers from across the country. While people from across the country leave their hometowns...

  • Health4 hours ago

    Watch: Woman Attacks Elderly Man On Flight For Eating Without Mask

    In the wake of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus, it has become extremely important to wear a mask and vaccinate. People are going the extra mile...

  • Health5 hours ago

    How To Make Kolkata-Style Fish Kathi Roll (Recipe Inside)

    Street food in India will undoubtedly immerse you in authentic flavours like no other place in the world. One can find a variety of dishes on...

  • Health5 hours ago

    Do Not Disturb Hina Khan As She Is “Enjoying” Her Meal In New York City

    When in New York City, dive into the rich cuisine of the place the way Hina Khan does. The actress is in New York, and given...

  • Health5 hours ago

    Love Chinese? Make This Chilli Garlic Prawns For A Mid-Week Indulgence

    Snacking on steaming hot Chinese food on a cold winter evening brings a warm smile to every foodie’s face. From chilli paneer, spring rolls, chop suey,...

  • Health6 hours ago

    Move Over Pizza Pockets, Desi Papad Pockets Is Here To Win Over The Internet (Watch Video)

    There is absolutely no doubt that each one of us loves the cheesy and delicious Pizza. A snacking alternative to the same, pizza pockets or pizza...

  • Health6 hours ago

    Bhagyashree Talks About Tangy Tamarind And Its Many Health Benefits (Watch Video)

    No matter how old or worn down we get with time, there are some things that instantly ignite child-like happiness in us. Ice-creams, candies, and chocolates...

  • Health6 hours ago

    This Lahori Fried Fish Recipe Will Liven Up Your Meal In No Time (Recipe Inside)

    What is the first dish that springs up to your mind when it comes to seafood? Is it the delectable prawns, crabs, or maybe oysters? The...

  • Health7 hours ago

    Indian Cricket Teams Lunch Menu Surfaces Online, Twitter Reacts

    The Indian Cricket Team is currently in South Africa playing a three-part Test Series. The first part of the series is ongoing from 26th to 30th...

  • Health7 hours ago

    Mira Kapoor Treats Herself With This Chocolate-y Dessert On Returning Home

    Mira Kapoor and her love for all things yummy are not unknown to anyone. For years now, we have seen her emerging well as a food...

  • Health7 hours ago

    From Cheese Garlic Bread To Chicken Garlic Bread: Try These 5 Garlic Bread Recipes

    Garlic bread is one of the most loved Italian dishes out there. The joy of biting into a crispy bread loaded with piquant garlic flavour and...

  • Health8 hours ago

    Jaiphali Aloo: Make This Rajasthani Recipe Under 15 Minutes For A Quick Lunch

    The lunch hour is the designated time of the day when no amount of work can come in our way because everybody knows that food gets...

  • Health8 hours ago

    Viral Video: Family Buys Lunch For Stranger, What He Did Next Will Surprise You

    There is no dearth of wholesome content on the internet. From cute animal videos to babies doing adorable things- these videos always make us smile. But...

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Healthy Snacking On The Go: Here Are The Perfect Travel Companions You Can Find

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