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Bisi Bele Baath Recipe: Make Andhra Pradeshs Classic Spicy Khichdi In Just 30 Minutes



Ever wondered why most of our comfort food has to have rice in it? We don’t know the answer either; but we guess it has to do something with the abundance of rice in our country. India is one of the largest rice-producing and consuming countries in the world. From North to South, East to West, rice forms a crucial component of our country’s overall cuisine. It is, in fact, considered auspicious to offer rice to an infant when he/she is being introduced to solids. The fact that rice is so easy to cook and eat, is another reason why we can have rice at any point of the day. And how do we never get bored of rice is perhaps because we feel, we haven’t had enough! Yes, you heard us. There are just so many kinds of rice-based delicacies that a lifetime does not feel enough at times.

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Khichdi is a good source of protein


One of the most classic rice delicacies has to be the Bisi Bele Baath. A popular comfort food of Andhra Pradesh, Bisi Bele Baath can be dubbed as a spicy close cousin of Khichdi. Like khichdi, the two core ingredients here are rice and lentils. According to experts, it is a good idea to combine lentils with rice to pack in all the essential amino acids. This intensely delish recipe goes a step further and comes with added goodness of veggies too. This simple, no-fuss recipe is ideal for days you do not want to cook anything fancy, yet salads and soups are off the charts. This flavourful and easy recipe is a tempting treat for everyone, kids included.

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While the combination of toor, urad and chana dal give this recipe bulk, the understated sweet and sour tones due to inclusion of jaggery and tamarind (imli), makes it utterly irresistible. The pepper gives this rice dish an inimitable hotness.



Rice and lentils are both a treasure of antioxidants

This recipe has blockbuster written all over it, try this bisi bele baath recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below. You can pair it with any chutney or pickle of your liking or have it as it is.

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