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Viral Video: Dad Invents Unique Trick To Make Daughter Drink More Milk



A video of a dad feeding a baby has gone viral, here’s why!


  • Baby videos often go viral on social media
  • A recent video showed an innovative tactic to feed his daughter
  • Take a look at the adorable video which is now viral

Parenting is no easy task, if the internet is anything to go by. We often see viral videos online featuring children and their mischievous antics. Parents too have put on their thinking caps, using their own creative techniques to make children adhere to their rules. Recently, we saw how a little girl climbed up all the way to the top of a fridge to get a chocolate chip cookie out of the cupboard without any parental supervision. And in a new video, the father had the last laugh when he found an interesting and unique trick to make his daughter drink more milk. Take a look:

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The video was shared by music producer Rudy Willingham on Instagram. The clip went viral, receiving over 232k views and 18.8k likes till the time of writing. “My daughter is 2nd percentile in weight so we’re trying out some new feeding techniques,” he wrote on Instagram.

In the short video, we could see Willingham feeding his daughter milk with the help of a device known as ‘Beer Bong’. The setup of the device involves a plastic tube which is connected to a funnel where the drink is poured. The flow of the beverage can be controlled with a tap which is attached to the pipe. The idea is to use it to consume the drink rapidly without spillage.


Rudy Willingham modified the device for his baby daughter by adding formula milk to it and attaching a silicone nipple at the drinking end. His daughter looked seriously impressed with her father’s antics to feed her milk. “Worked for me in college, should work for her too, right? #funny #dad #dadjokes,” he hilariously captioned the video.

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