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Watch: This 5-Min Street-Style Veg Cheese Sandwich Is Perfect For Quick And Yummy Breakfast




  • Love street-style veg cheese sandwich?
  • Now you can make the same sandwich yourself.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

What do you mostly make for breakfast? We are sure sandwich would be one of the answers to this question. The bread-based breakfast staple is popular for many reasons – one of which is that it is easy to make. Also, you can make your own sandwich with any foods of your choice and give it your own spin too. No matter what we make at home, the cheesy sandwich that we get on street stalls always wins our heart. So, what is it about these roadside sandwiches that make us drool every single time we see them?
This recipe video posted on YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ will let you in on all the secrets of making the perfect street-style veg cheese sandwich that we all love. Loaded with vegetables and cheese, this treat will be a hit on your breakfast table.

Here is the step-by-step recipe of street-style veg cheese sandwich for quick and yummy breakfast:

Step 1 – Take 4 slices of sandwich bread, smear them with butter on one side.
Step 2 – Then spread green coriander chutney on two slices, and tomato ketchup on the other two slices.
Step 3 – Put some onion slices over the chutney-laced bread slices. Next put tomato slices.
Step 4 – Sprinkle some chaat masala, black pepper powder and salt. Then put grated cabbage over everything. Sprinkle some more chaat masala.
Step 5 – Next put grated potato and some more chaat masala and red chilli flakes. Finally, add bell peppers pieces.
Step 6 – Now garnish with grated cheese and some red chilli flakes. Cover with the other two slices and grill the sandwiches in a toaster oven or on grill pan over gas. Grease the top of the sandwich with some butter before grilling.


Click here for the full veg cheese sandwich recipe video:

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