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This Kaju Curry From Lucknow Is Just What You Need To Amp Up Your Meal – Recipe Inside



You can pair kaju curry with rice, roti or anything you want.

Lucknow is the land of tradition, culture, art and architecture. From chikankari kurtas to the Imambaras and the foods, every aspect of Lucknow spell royalty and has a rich history deep-rooted in the past. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh has a legacy of its own that makes Lucknow enjoy its individuality – both in terms of food and culture. Also referred to as the land of Nawabs, the cuisine here is enriched with usage of ingredients like dry fruits, essence, mawa, ghee and more. We all are well aware of the richness of Lucknowi cuisine. For many of us, Lucknow is the ultimate destination for kebabs, tikkas and biryanis. From the super soft and smooth galouti kebabs that melt in our mouth in no time to the flavourful kacchi biryani- Lucknow is a food lover’s paradise.

But if you think the food culture here is dominated by non-vegetarian dishes, then trust us, you have much more to explore. Lucknowi cuisine is loaded with some lip-smacking vegetarian delicacies that will leave a strong impression. One such delicacy is kaju curry. A mixed veg curry, made with creamy kaju, poppy seeds, mawa, milk and everything royal- this dish can give a non-veg dish run for its fame.

While you can always try kaju curry on your next visit to Lucknow, we found the classic recipe that will help you whip it up at home, the traditional way. The best part is, this lavish meal doesn’t even need a lot of time to prepare. Let’s take a look.

How To Make Lucknowi Kaju Curry | Lucknow-Special Kaju Curry Recipe:

For this particular recipe, we need kaju (cashew nuts), poppy seeds (khus khus), ghee, mawa, milk, desiccated coconuts, thick cream, onion paste, coriander leaves and some spices like turmeric, cumin, garam masala et al. Besides, you also need some blanched vegetables of your choice. You can add any vegetable you want in this dish.

You need to first make a paste of coconut, poppy seeds, cashew nuts and milk. Then heat ghee in a pan and add cumin and onion and sauté till it turns brown. Now, add the paste and cook till it releases oil. Always remember, cook this dish in ghee to get the best out of it. Once done, add mixed blanched vegetables and give everything a good mix. Pour the other masalas to it and stir-fry. Now add water and khoya and let the whole thing simmer for some time. Once you are satisfied with the consistency, garnish with coriander leaves and cream and serve. You may pair it with rice, roti, naan, paratha, pulao or anything you want.


Click here for the detailed recipe.

Prepare this Lucknowi kaju curry at your next dinner party and impress your guests.

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