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Ford to open first Bronco Off-Roadeo driving school in Texas



Ford will open its first Bronco-themed off-road driving school in Central Texas on June 28. Called Off-Roadeo, the day-and-a-half-long training course will teach select Bronco Sport owners and Bronco reservation holders how to make the most of their crossover or SUV off the beaten path regardless of whether they’re beginners or experts.

Owners and owners-to-be who trek out to Horseshoe Bay, a town about 50 miles west of Austin, will be given the opportunity get one of Ford’s newest off-roaders muddy on 50 miles of trails created specifically for the event. Rock crawling, high-speed blasts across the desert, and trail riding are on the menu. Central Texas is one of the Bronco’s natural habitats; it’s the kind of terrain the SUV was designed for, and it’s also where herds of wild broncos roam.

Attendees will start their day by taking a 90-minute course that will teach them about the various off-road goodies packed into the Bronco, like front and rear differential lockers, Trail Control, the Terrain Management System, and the 360-degree camera. Guides will also go over proper trail etiquette and how to use recovery equipment. Armed with this knowledge, participants will then be let loose on a series of two- and four-hour adventures through nature.

Going home after the event is optional. Ford notes owners can extend their trip with extras like fly-fishing trips, kayaking adventures, or mountain biking excursions. Each day will end around a campfire.

As of writing, registration is only open to drivers who own a Bronco Sport Badlands or to those who reserved a two- or a four-door Bronco. Bringing your own vehicle is optional; you can borrow one provided by Ford. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the Blue Oval pointed out participants will need to pay their way to and from Texas and cover their own overnight accommodations. Friends and non-Bronco owners (hi, Jeep drivers!) will need to pay extra.

Borrowing one of Ford’s SUVs will likely be the only option for those waiting for a full-size Bronco; deliveries haven’t started yet. Attending the Off-Roadeo will give these motorists the chance to drive the off-roader before they take delivery of the one they paid for. They’ll also be given a $250 voucher that can be used for gear or other activities.

Horseshoe Bay’s Off-Roadeo is the first of its kind, but it won’t be the last. Ford plans to open three more off-road parks in the United States before the end of 2021. They’ll be located in Nevada (Mount Potosi), Utah (Moab), and in an undetermined part of the Northeast. The latter was planned in Vermont until locals forced Ford to drop the location.

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