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2022 Lexus NX gives a peek with Japan’s highest peak



Lexus is nearly ready to introduce the second-generation NX. It released a postcard-like preview image of the crossover with the planet’s seventh-highest peak located on an island.

“The future of Lexus is just on the horizon,” the company explained in a release accompanying the image. That’s a little misleading; the photo shows Mount Fuji, a 12,388-foot high volcano in Japan, on the horizon. It’s what’s in the foreground that’s about to break cover.

One of the biggest visual changes made to the NX (which was the second-best-selling Lexus model in 2020) is the addition of a light bar that stretches across the hatch. It connects the rear lights, and it’s underlined by “LEXUS” lettering written in bold capital letters. This styling cue marks a major departure for the brand. Nearly all of the cars it has released since its inception in 1989, including the V10-powered LFA, have worn its L-shaped logo out back. It’s not unreasonable to assume this is a styling cue that will spread to other members of the range, like the popular RX.

Beyond that, it’s difficult to tell how the next NX will stand out from the current model introduced in 2014. We’re not expecting a revolution. The crossover’s silhouette won’t drastically change, and its spindle-shaped grille isn’t going anywhere. It might grow, if stylists follow recent design trends, though hopefully not to Fuji-like proportions. Bigger updates will likely be found in the cabin, where a raft of new tech features will trickle down from bigger models.

Lexus will unveil the next-generation NX online on June 11. It will stream the event on a dedicated website starting at 11 a.m. Eastern time, which is 8 a.m. in Los Angeles. Sales will start nationwide shortly after. 

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