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Woman Recalls Her Funny Accidental Hug With Waiter On Birthday

A girl accidently hugging a man has taken the internet by storm.

Celebrations at restaurants often tend to be special, with the staff coming together to make the milestone special. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, restaurants do their bit to make the occasion memorable. Some restaurant staff sings special songs or prepares complimentary cakes. Thus, even waiters and chefs inevitably become part of the celebrations at the restaurant. However, one celebration had a funny yet awkward moment for the birthday girl involving the waiter at the restaurant she was celebrating. A woman named Elizabeth recalled the time she accidentally hugged the waiter on her birthday. Take a look at the hilarious video:

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The video was shared on YouTube by Storylines, where it received over 4.8k views and counting. “Thinkin about the time when I thought the waiter was giving me a hug for my birthday, but he was just grabbing the candle,” wrote the user in the header of the video. The song playing in the background talked about how there are so many things that run in your mind when you wake up in the morning.

In the short 10-second video clip, we can see Elizabeth standing next to a table where she was going to cut her birthday cake. Her friends were recording a video of her, which is when the waiter arrived to grab the candles. His excited demeanour and outstretched hand gave her the impression that he was coming to hug her. She flung her arms around him, later realising the embarrassing mistake which she would remember for some time to come.

Users reacted to the video, commenting on how they would have responded to the excited waiter. Some said they would have dropped dead on the spot, while others suggested never visiting that restaurant again. What did you think of the hilairous video? Tell us in the comments below!

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