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Man Sits In A Pool Of Beans For 24 Hours To Save His Favourite Restaurant; Watch Viral Video

Many businesses took a hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Small and mid-level businesses were apparently more affected, and food industry was one of the many industries that reported loss of business. Restaurants, in particular, saw fewer footfalls and are still struggling to fill their capacity. Foodies all over the world miss and empathise with their favourite restaurants, but this man went out of his way to do his bit for his favourite local Mexican restaurant to help it revive. What he did not just attracted the attention of local residents of the region; it grabbed eyeballs all over the internet.

A stuntman, named Hunter Ray Burker, spent the whole 24 hours sitting in a tub filled of beans dip in a bid to save his favourite Mexican restaurant Los Toros in Los Angeles, California. “I just think that we have a golden opportunity to grab the bull by the horn and save local businesses in a big, explosive way. And why not?” he said in a video posted by Reuters on their Twitter handle with caption: “When your favorite Mexican restaurant is struggling to stay alive, what else would you do but sit in a pool of bean dip outside for 24 hours to attract diners?”

Watch the full video here:

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The tub was made using beans, flour and seasoning, and a funnel was also attached inside the tub for bathroom breaks!

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Hunter Ray Burker went on to explain, “I personally believe than small businesses are the backbone of the nation. I believe it is our duty to support them if we can do that in a fun way, in a way that it encourages other people to bring some excitement to the small businesses as well, I think it is really, really helpful, and  now is the best time to do it.”

The Twitter video has been viewed 535.9k times since it was put up on March 10, 2021, and has received more than 200 likes. Twitter users gave mixed reactions to the video – some appreciated the effort while some just snubbed it as a waste of food.

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