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Watch: Father Pretends To Steal Food Of Cartoon On T.V, Kid Jumps With Joy In The Viral Video

Video of father acting in front of T.V. went viral.

Kids love cartoons; we all did when we were little. And Tom And Jerry is still one of everyone’s favourite cartoon shows. Even today’s kids love the series that enthralled us all during our growing up years. Yet, this father tied to make the show even more interesting for his child by acting in front of the screen, pretending to interact with the cartoon inside the screen. He acted as if he was a part of the scene where he teased the popular cartoon character ‘Tom’ by moving his plate of food then drinking it all with the help of a straw. Giving it a hilarious climax, he even spurted back the drink right on Tom’s face. 

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A woman named Alina Panduru shared the video on her LinkedIn page and wrote “the most creative father of the year.” Well, he certainly deserved this felicitation. While the father-son duo was watching the Tom and Jerry show, the father sat right next to the screen to give his performance. The highlight of the video is the reaction of his son at the end of his father’s theatric, when he claps and jumps with joy and screams with laughter. 

Watch the adorable video here.

The LinkedIn video went viral with more than 2 million views, over 60,000 likes and thousands of comments like “I love this dad, thanks for sharing this is truly great to see!” and “This just proves that you don’t have to be a superhero to make someone’s day. The smallest acts can have the biggest impact.”

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