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Viral: Chef Cooks Delicious Food With Hotel Appliances, Gordon Ramsay Approves

Viral: This chef’s cooking skills have taken the internet by storm.


  • A chef made the most of his quarantine period
  • He whipped up some delicious dishes using hotel appliances
  • His videos went viral, garnering praise from Gordon Ramsay

Imagine you were in quarantine in a hotel room all by yourself for two consecutive weeks. What would you prefer to eat? A 23-year-old chef from Cornwall, UK has taken quarantine cooking to a whole new level. He made some drool-worthy dishes for himself during self-isolation and that too with the help of simple hotel appliances such as a coffee maker and an iron. The chef’s creativity and incredible cooking prowess has won him appreciation from none other than world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay. Take a look at the videos:

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Chef Jago Randles was in quarantine at the Gec Granville Suites Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. He had come to the country to take up a new job as a chef at a mountain resort in British Columbia, but had to be in two weeks of quarantine before starting his job. Randles decided to make the most of his time alone, as he whipped up some delicious gourmet meals for himself. This included expert-level preparations such as chicken with mushroom cream sauce, salmon with rice in vermicelli, cheeseburger and even a creme brulee! All this was made using simple kitchen appliances such as a steam iron and a coffee maker, as well as other additional equipment such as miniature moulds and parchment paper.


Chef Randles soon became a social media sensation for his interesting and unique method to cook lavish meals for himself. His videos received millions of likes and comments on various social media platforms; but probably the most special one would be that from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The British chef is known to be a harsh critic of most food videos on the internet, and his videos roasting other popular cooks often go viral online. This time, however, Ramsay made an exception for Chef Jago Randles and he actually showered praises on the creative chef. “To be honest that looks like some decent food, certainly some of the best food I’ve seen in any hotel,” Ramsay reacted to the viral video.

Would you like to cook in a hotel room by yourself using kitchen appliances? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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