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Viral Video: Hollywood Actor Kevon Bacon Revealed Secret Hack To Pre-Slice Banana For Wife

Hack video for pre-sliced banana went viral.


  • Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon posted a hack video.
  • He revealed a tip for pre-sliced banana wthout peeling it.
  • Watch the hack video here and let us know if you’ll try it too.

The things we do for love! Popular Hollywood actor Kevon Bacon proved his love for wife actor Kyra Sedgwick by innovating a food hack, just for her. In an Instagram video that Kevin posted on Valentine’s Day, he revealed his secret hack to prepare banana slices for his wife while she is asleep. The hilarious yet creative hack appealed to his many fans who cannot stop commenting on the post since it was put up. In the viral video, the ‘Footloose’ star shows how to cut banana slices even before peeling the banana. Wow! Is it even possible? Scroll down to find out.

Kevin Bacon shared the video on his official Instagram handle where he demonstrated the whole hack in a hushed voice so as to not disturb his sleeping wife. He whispered, “Hi, I gotta keep it down because you-know-who is still asleep”. He then revealed that his wife needs banana slices on her pound cake as soon as she wakes up. But Kevin is never sure what time will she wake up. “If I slice them too early, then they turn brown!” he explained. So, he came up with this genius trick to have pre-sliced banana ready in time, without peeling the banana beforehand.

Watch the hack video:

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Kevin uses a thread and a needle to cut the banana from inside. When it’s time, he just peels the banana and the slices immediately pop out on the plate. He wrote in the post – “The things we do…Just for you  @kyrasedgwickofficial Happy #ValentinesDay.”


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The hack video has been viewed more than 1.6 lakh times and garnered almost a thousand comments till now. The actor’s fans also sent in some funny comments like “Good to know..Cos it takes so long to slice them” and “That’s a lot of work and a lot of love.”

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