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Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Creamy Chicken Curry Without A Drop Of Oil (Recipe Inside)

This chicken curry can be made in about an hour.


  • Chicken curries are a crowd pleaser everywhere
  • Here is a chicken curry you can make without oil
  • This chicken curry is easy, quick and absolutely delicious

“Chicken curry for dinner!” This one announcement is enough to attract a crowd at any party, don’t you think? Tender, succulent, juicy and brimming with the flavours of eclectic spices, Indian chicken curry is one dish that is a staple across restaurants. Butter chicken, chicken korma, kadhai chicken and many more, these rich and mouth-watering chicken curries paired with rice or roti make for a wholesome meal. While you might think of chicken curries as the best thing on the table, it won’t definitely be the healthiest.

Besides the fact that chicken is full of protein, the oil content in the curry makes it a greasy affair. It is a general notion that chicken curries are supposed to be cooked in oil and have to be robust and greasy. But for it to be delicious, do we really need oil? We say no. Your favorite chicken curry can be made creamy, spicy and irresistibly delicious sans the addition of dollops of ghee, butter or oil. Not only it might help retain the protein value, it will also save you from excess oil consumption that may lead to several health hazards. You can also sense the distinct aromatic flavours of all the different spices and herbs without having them dissolved in the oil. A chicken curry brimming with flavours yet cooked without oil! Doesn’t it sound much better now? And we’ve got the perfect recipe too!

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Your favorite chicken curry can be made creamy, spicy and irresistibly delicious sans the addition of oil.

How To Make Murgh Malaiwala Without Oil | Murgh Malaiwala Recipe

This simple chicken curry is a delicious amalgamation of luscious cream, tantalising homemade spices and refreshing herbs. All you need is chicken drumsticks to marinate in a mix of ginger, garlic paste and white pepper for about 30 minutes, meanwhile you can make the fresh garam masala. For the curry, you would simply need to cook the chicken with cream, onion, chillies and milk, along with a host of spices white pepper powder, kasoori methi, garam masala and saffron. The addition of cream and milk lends a smooth thick texture to the gravy while saffron adds a beautiful colour. The entire process is no more than that of an hour and is completed without using oil!

Find the full recipe of Murgh Malaiwala here.


You can pair this with rice or roti for a wholesome meal.

Try this creamy chicken curry without oil at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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