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Move Over Regular Parathas, This Chocolate Paratha Is The Latest Fusion Dish You Must Try (See Recipe)

Chocolate paratha might sound all fancy but it just needs a handful of ingredients.


  • Chocolate is perhaps everyone’s weakness
  • Fusion dishes have taken over the food space
  • Here is a fusion dish of chocolate paratha that you can try at home

Let’s just agree that there’s nothing that a piece of chocolate can’t cure. And there’s no dish that doesn’t spell decadence the moment you add some chocolate to it! And there are some fusion delicacies to prove that too. Chocolate is so versatile that chefs and food enthusiasts have experimented and invented some of the most delicious fusion dishes including chocolate momos, chocolate pizzas, tacos and much more! And while some find it bizarre, a true blue chocolate lover would know how chocolate can be as heavenly in a momo or taco as it would be on your post-meal dessert. So how about we combine the two?

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Fusion dishes have taken over restaurants and internet with multiple viral videos storming our feeds and kitchen when we attempt the same. People are trying anything and everything to push the boundaries of global cuisine and chocolate seems to be the hot favourite of everyone. So, if you are someone who would drool over anything that has chocolate on it, we’ve got a quick and easy one to satiate your cravings. Chocolate paratha is a simple and easy one can whip up in a jiffy to not just satiate your hunger for lunch but also your sugar cravings!

How To Make Chocolate Paratha | Chocolate Paratha Recipe

While it may look fancy, it just requires you to replace the regular stuffing in your paratha with chocolate bits and that’s all! It is cooked in the same way as regular paratha but all you need is to make a smooth dough with flour and water, stuff it with crushed chocolate, roll it into flat parathas, and cook it over a hot griddle. Yes, your mouth-watering chocolate paratha will be ready to nosh on before you even know it.

Find the full recipe of chocolate paratha here.


You can top it with some chocolate sauce or grated chocolate right before serving. To make it even more wholesome, you can add milk to the dough too. Isn’t it a perfect combination of a dessert meal?

Try this yummy fusion paratha at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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