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Viral Flying Dosa By This Mumbai Eatery Has Divided The Internet, Seen It Yet?

Flying dosa is one of the latest trends to have hit the internet


  • The viral ‘Flying Dosa’ video has clocked in more than 80 million views
  • The ‘Flying dosa’ has stunned the internet and has irked a few as well
  • You can find the ‘Flying Dosa’ in South Mumbai

Mumbai’s street food fare is counted as one among the best in the country. While the range of food is impressive, sometimes the way you sell it also becomes useful tool in drawing a huge crowd. A video from Shree Balaji Dosa in South Mumbai’s Mangaldas Market has gone viral for its unique way of serving up hot and fresh dosas. The ‘flying dosas‘ as they are now being referred to are essentially cooked dosas that are sent flying straight to the plate from the skillet. The internet cannot stop gushing about the sheer expertise of this dosa seller, who can be seen flipping these dosas high up in the air in such a way that they land straight on to the customer’s plate. The video was shared by a Facebook page called ‘Street Food Recipes’ has clocked in more than 84 million views already, and the little stunt is become a hot topic of discussion among foodies across the country.

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The video shows the dosa seller making the dosas on a regular skillet, with a  regular dosa batter, but flips the dosa up so high without flinching. While some have praised the skill, the video has also irked a few users who see it as ‘disrespectful’ to food and ‘unnecessary’. “What’s the fun in this? Is this required to make good food? Yes, it is a great skill, but unnecessary”, remarked a user. “For all you Dosa consuming people respect the person who is earning a living, don’t judge other people you are not above him”, wrote another user defending the dosa seller. What are your thoughts about the ‘flying dosa’, do let us know in the comments below.
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