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You Had To Be There Meme Trend Has Made Foodies On Twitter Nostalgic

Twitter users got nostalgic about their childhood candies, sweets and foods.


  • ‘You Had To Be There’ is the latest popular viral meme trend
  • Twitter users reminisced about the sweet treats they would eat
  • Childhood memories and nostalgia is the main subject of this trend

Childhood is a period which everyone fondly remembers. Whether it was the books we read or the shows we watched, the games we played or the food we ate – anything from the time when we were young makes us nostalgic. The year 2021 has seen a new meme trend recently by the name of ‘You Had To Be There’ or ‘You Just Had To Be There’. This trend aims at capturing some interesting moments from our childhood era, and the unique way that they made us feel during our younger days. Twitter users shared some memorable things from the ’90s, which are now scarce, rarely found or simply relics of the past.

Shah Rukh Khan movies, for instance, were all the rage in that time. Similarly, children’s shows such as Son Pari and Shararat were quite popular during that period. A few snacks and fast food joints were also around during the period, which are not there anymore. Twitter users got nostalgic about sweet candies and small treats like Cadbury Bytes and Phantom Cigarettes. One user also shared a picture of a McDonald’s pizza – which was quite surprising to see keeping in mind that it is a fast food burger giant.

Take a look at some of the foods that made Twitter nostalgic under the ‘You Had To Be There’ trend:

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There were so many more things that we ate in our childhood which are yet to be featured in the list. It would be interesting to see how the ‘You Had To Be There’ meme trend takes shape in the near future, and whether brands and companies too hop onto the bandwagon. What is the food that instantly reminds you of your childhood days? Tell us in the comments below!

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