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Masaba Reveals All She Eats In A Day, Her Fitness Secrets And More (Pics Inside)



Well-known fashion designer Masaba Gupta has caught the eyes of many celebrities and people who have fallen in love with her unique designs and patterns. The designer’s popularity has risen in recent years, and with the release of her show “Masaba Masaba,” you get a good insight into her life. While the show might have told a lot about her life, Masaba herself keeps giving a sneak-peek into her daily routine through her Instagram stories. As the designer engages with her fans and talks about her diet and her health, she has certainly become an inspiration for those who want to lose weight and eat healthy.

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Masaba Gupta’s breakfast story

Recently, on her Instagram story, she posted about her nutritious and yummy breakfast. The designer wrote in her story – “2 uttapams, chutney, a handful of soaked almonds, 2-3 pieces of apple, handful of grapes, black tea with ginger and lemon.” Take a look at her breakfast:

This well-balanced meal definitely makes us want to eat better. The delicious and healthy combination of uttapam, dry fruits, tea and fruits are goals that you could add to your everyday diet.

Masaba Gupta has always been open about her health and her struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). Her followers were impressed when she began sharing her weight-loss diet tips and how she had been battling (PCOD) with a healthy diet.

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The designer also said that she “doesn’t change her routine for anything”. She makes sure to fast 16 hours a day, exercise 6 days a week every morning on an empty stomach, and then eat her breakfast. Usually only eating two meals in Mumbai, she changes this pattern when she travels to hills, making it three meals a day. Masaba does not believe in fad diets. While addressing her PCOD, she says that she maintains this lifestyle to keep a check on her PCOD. Masaba has given many women hope to control their PCOD by cutting down the weight.

Take a look at her Instagram stories:


Masaba Gupta Instagram story on her daily routine


Masaba Gupta Instagram story where she shares her tips

The designer starts her day at 6:30 or 7 AM and goes to sleep by 10:30 PM. As she follows this lifestyle, she does not eat anything after sunset.


Masaba Gupta Instagram story where she shares her tips


For her lunch, we can see her having a hearty meal of kadhi chawal, saag and garlic sabzi made by her mother, Neena Gupta. While her lunch includes a balance of the required nutrients, Masaba eats a mango for the dessert! 


Masaba Gupta Instagram story about her lunch

 Though she does point out how everyone seems to be talking about mangoes being bad for the skin, Masaba gives us a few pointers where she talks about the benefits of mangoes!


Masaba Gupta Instagram story about mangoes


Masaba Gupta Instagram story on diet

As Masaba Gupta tells these insightful tips, it is now time for us to start with a healthy routine.

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