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Karisma Kapoors Yummy Bowl Of Aamras Is Just What You Need In This Weather



Indian summers are hot and dreadful, and we try every possible thing to keep ourselves cool. Whether it is sitting in a chilled room or having food that can help soothe your body from the heat. Most of us make drinks and meals from the ingredients that may help us lower the temperature, and Karisma Kapoor seems to be doing the same. Karisma shared a photo of a bowl full of hearty aamras on her Instagram story. The actress certainly seems to be enjoying the goodness of mangoes and beating the summer heat with cold aamras. Take a look at the pic:

Karisma Kapoor is known to share snippets from her routine life on her Instagram stories; from baking muffins to making the evergreen aamras, the actress has given us major goals to try to cook all kinds of foods.

The sweetness of mangoes and the silk texture of the fruit is not the only thing which makes it the ‘king of fruits’. It is also known to be rich in vitamins, omega-3, omega-6, carotenoids, phytochemicals and polyphenols. Along with this, the fruit may also help you to boost immunity, cleanse your skin, improve digestion, support heart health and might also help improve eyesight.

Now, if Karisma Kapoor’s indulgence in the sweet goodness of aamras has tempted you to make one as well, then just cut a mango into smaller pieces, add a tablespoon of sugar, half a cup of milk, and blend until all the ingredients combine. Your aamras will be ready in just 10 minutes and will help you to beat the summer heat.

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