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Indias First Culinary Art Museum Enters Limca Book Of Records, Courtesy Masterchef Vikas Khana



Would you too agree if we say India is a land of museums? If you explore, you will find different types of museums all across the country – for instance, Indian Museum and Nehru Children’s Museum in Kolkata, National Museum and Art Museum in Delhi, War Museum in Jaisalmer and more. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we have a dedicated museum for almost every walk of life. Did you know India has its own culinary museum too? Yes, you heard us. Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, in 2018, inaugurated India’s first culinary art museum in Manipal. Alumni at Welcomegroup Graduate Schhool of Hotel Administration in Manipal, Chef Vikas thought “there couldn’t be a better home for this museum than” his “beloved college”.

He recently took to Instagram to announce the museum’s entry in the Lima Book of Records. Alongside the announcement, he penned heartfelt note about his thoughts behind starting the museum. According to him it was a “dream project” that took him over 10 years to collect tools and utensils from all over India. Take a look:

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Alongside the note, he also shared two pictures – one from the day of the museum inauguration and the other was of the recognition given by Limca Book of Records.

According to the Limca Book of Recrods, “Over 2000 dedicated and intricate utensils, objects and artifacts collected from all over India – an antique culinary collection of hundreds of years, are housed in a museum the shape of a giant pot.”

The post further read that the museum, on display, has plates made by the Portuguese in India, bowls dating to the Harappan era, a 700-year-old iron vessel used to draw water from wells and many such antic kitchenware.

Fascinating, right? Like us, do you too want to visit the culinary museum to experience the history of gastronomy? Let us know in the comments below.

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