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Man Gives $100 Tip At Restaurant To Impress Date, Returns To Take It Back – See What Happened Next



Tipping at restaurants is a common practice, especially in foreign countries. A large section of the income of waiting staff comes from the generous tips that customers leave for them. In some countries, a 10% or 20% tip is not unheard of. Some restaurants also impose a compulsory tip on every order, as we saw in a recent viral explainer video. A waitress at a restaurant too was elated to see a generous tip of $100 from a customer who was on a date with a woman. However, her happiness was short-lived as to her shock and dismay, the customer returned later to take it back and slash it to a mere $20.

The waitress narrated the entire account of the incident on Reddit from the username u/tamairaisredditing, where it received over 9.7k upvotes and over 351 comments. Take a look at the post here

In her post, the waitress narrated how the man was a ‘picture of courtesy and good manners’ throughout the evening. He was ‘sparing no expense’ and asked for the highest priced wine and most expensive appetiser. In fact, he even ordered every single appetiser on the menu for his date to sample. The total order came to $289, for which he paid by credit card. He also left a $100 tip by making a big show of it, thanking the staff for their service and they thanked him back.

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The waitress was in for a shock when a customer demanded that his tip be returned. 

However, just two minutes later, he came back to the restaurant on the pretext of having left something behind. “Mark the tip down to twenty bucks Hun, I was just playing it up for my date. You understand,” he said to the waitress. When she reconfirmed that he wanted to amend his tip, he said, “Yes, and if I see a cent over the twenty on there I’m going to dispute the whole meal with my credit vendor, so, don’t try to pull anything.”

The waitress agreed to change the bill but decided to teach the man a lesson. She ran outside to catch the couple in their car across the street. “Sir, we amended your tip from $100 down to $20 as you requested, but you’ll actually need to fill out a different receipt reflecting your new total for our records,” she said to him loudly so that his date would hear. After being in denial, he finally agreed to sign the new receipt.

Reddit users praised the waitress for her actions. “I think you did her a favour exposing his deficiencies,” said a user while another commented, “You are a rockstar though! Justice served.” A few other users also narrated their own experiences that unfolded on similar lines. “Looks like the girl’s the one who ended up getting a great tip that night,” wrote another user.

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