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Actress Kajal Aggarwal Has Left Us With Intense Dark Chocolate Cravings



For some of us, chocolate is the one secret key that can turn an ordinary day into a glorious one. Although most of us have grown up devouring chocolates of the non-dark variety, dark chocolate has its own charm and even a cult following of its own. There are so many people who struggle to end their day without relishing at least one solid chunk of some premium dark chocolate. Last afternoon, to much of our delight, the dark chocolate fan club got a new member — Singham and Special 26 actress Kajal Aggarwal.

On her Instagram Stories, Kajal Aggarwal posted a photo of herself, looking radiant, holding up a delectable bar of dark chocolate. The caption reads: “#chocolateface”. Take a look:

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There’s no surprise that even at her most casual, Kajal Aggarwal looks drop-dead gorgeous, but fans of dark chocolate would definitely be drawn to the chocolate bar first, which boasts of no less than 85 per cent cacao. There’s no doubt about how rich and intense the flavour of that dark chocolate bar would be, given the high concentration of cacao in it.

Although true chocolate lovers like Kajal Aggarwal would probably prefer getting their cravings met by gorging on a classic chocolate bar, you might even consider treating yourself to some irresistible dark chocolate desserts to find your chocolaty salvation. If you can spare around 50 minutes in your day, you can easily chop up some dark chocolate and put together a lip-smacking Dark Chocolate Mousse. Sounds appetising? Here’s the recipe.


Dark chocolate can be used to make a number of desserts.

And if you want to bake a more classic dessert, we recommend you try out our popular Dark Chocolate Tart recipe. It will only take about an hour, and if you’re really craving something decadent, the moist rich chocolate flavour that oozes out is sure to satisfy you. The beauty of this recipe is that none of the ingredients is too complicated for you to procure, they are either in your kitchen already or can be found in most grocery stores.

Do you prefer dark chocolate or regular chocolate? Let us know in the comments.

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