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Loaded With Bananas And Peanut Butter, This Oatmeal Bowl Is Perfect To Start Your Day With



Bored of your monotonous toasts and omelettes? Here is your saviour! From banana to peanut butter and oatmeal, this healthy breakfast bowl has everything you need to kick-start your day. Peanut butter and banana is a match made in heaven, so it only makes sense that they come together to spruce up your healthy bowl of goodness. You can add it to your breakfast rotation, and it will provide a nice change of pace from your usual routine. You may even use the fruits at hand and nut butters of your choice to suit your palate.

Benefits of oatmeal:

Oats are a very healthy choice for a variety of reasons. The fibre in them may help in good digestion, improve your hair and skin quality, and is an excellent energy booster and keeps your bone health in check. They are also a weight watcher’s holy grail due to their high density and satiety power. You can add double the amount of water in half cup oats and it will double in volume keeping you full for a longer time. Paired with peanut butter that provides healthy fats to your body and bananas that bring their natural sweetness to the table, this breakfast option is as healthy as it gets without compromising on taste. Whether you prefer them sweet or savoury, plain or loaded with toppings, they will have your taste buds tingling in no time.

Oatmeal is a superfood with loads of health benefits

How to make:

This recipe warrants for banana, oatmeal, peanut butter and 20 minutes of your precious time. Don’t worry, once the oatmeal is prepared, your healthy bowl will be ready to be devoured in two minutes. Start off by browning your old-fashioned oats in a pan. Once they have sufficiently roasted, add water first and then a little bit of milk of your choice to create a warm porridge. Transfer this mixture into a bowl and top it off with bananas, chia seeds and chopped almonds. You are allowed to go as crazy with toppings as you want! Once your toppings are placed, drizzle some peanut butter on top and voila! Your warm delicious and healthy bowl is all set to be crammed down.

Check out the full recipe here: )

The best thing about oats is that you can easily customise it to your liking. You can even use cinnamon, a pinch of salt and even honey if you wish for a sweeter oatmeal bowl. Breakfast bowls are excellent breakfast options if you wish to switch up your morning routine while watching your calorie intake.

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