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Coffee Addicts Assemble! This Is Why We Love The Kenyan Coffee



As the second wave of the pandemic ravages the country, in a gesture of solidarity, the government of Kenya sent over tonnes of coffee, tea and other consumables for our Covid-19 frontline warriors as a means to provide a “refreshing break” during these tough times. The East African country has sent 12 tonnes of its famed coffee and tea products apart from groundnuts that is produced locally, and was handed over to the Indian Red Cross Society. According to the Vice-Chairman (Maharashtra branch) of the Indian Red Cross Society, Homi Khusrokhan, the donation is a symbol of empathy that the country has towards India, which is very re-assuring.

In honour of this sweet gesture, we have compiled a list of reasons of what makes Kenyan coffee so deeply loved by die-hard coffee addicts across the world:

1. Perfect habitat for coffee

Coffee beans thrive in a tropical environment with ample sunshine and a lot of water around. By this definition, Kenya has the perfect growing conditions. The medium to high altitudes, lack of extreme climate and plenty of rainfall throughout the year intensifies the flavour of the coffee.

2. One of the world’s five best coffees

Kenyan coffee has a deep flavour owing to its rich body, heavenly aroma and high acidity. Something that is extremely unique to Kenya is their berry undertones. Not just any berry – black currant! The combined flavour with the acidity makes for a delicious cup of joe in the morning, or evening, of course.

3. Immaculate Processing

Kenyan coffee beans are treated with great care. It goes through a wet processing which starts by picking the fruits as soon as they are perfectly ripe. Even this process is done with delicate hands to prevent any bruising. It goes through a sifting process again to discard any damaged coffee cherries from the batch. If it isn’t clear already, only the best of the coffee beans make it to the coffee roastery.

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4. Grading of beans

The Kenyan coffee beans are graded very strictly. Since the lands produce different kinds and sizes of beans, the grading system helps in keeping these varieties in check. Bigger, thicker and denser beans are a lot more delicious and seasoned coffee drinkers will know that there IS a difference. Thus, the grading system is taken very seriously in Kenya.


There is a reason that Kenyan coffee is known as “the connoisseur’s cup”. The bold flavours and fruity undertones are almost unmatched. Only the Ethiopian coffee does come close! It is also interesting to note that Kenya as a nation is much more inclined towards tea than coffee. More for us to enjoy then!

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