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A Post Of French Fries Toast Fired Up A Food War, See Viral Twitter Thread

Twitter post of French fries toast went viral.


  • A Twitter user shared a picture of French fries toast.
  • The post went viral and prompted others to share more strange foods.
  • Check out the viral Twitter thread filled with some bizarre meals.

Go anywhere in the world, you’ll find a huge fan base for French fries – crispy fried potato chips. Even in India, this is a go-to snack, especially, of kids. But this is probably the first time that the mere sight of French fries irked some people. Why? A Twitter user posted a picture of French fries stuffed between two dry pieces of bread and it appalled people so much that a full-blown discussion on such strange food concoctions found in different countries started.

Apparently, this French fries sandwich is a common English meal and is called ‘chip butties’. This American could not hold back his exasperation on finding this unique meal. He shared the picture of the sandwich on his Twitter account and wrote, “Just learned about chip butties, which is an English food that is literally just French fries in between two slices of bread. This is just making me so irrationally angry.”

We can’t blame him, can we?

Here’s the post:

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This Twitter post roused the emotions of foodies around the world who shared their own discoveries of bizarre sandwiches and other meals. The post clocked in more than one lakh likes, 6.4k retweets and 13.2k comments last time we checked.

The long Twitter thread sprung us more such shocking foods. Pasty in burger buns, chips served on bread slices, biscuits and gravy – and more weird recipes will get on your nerves. Even a Brit-American foods war ensued with offended Britishers avenging by sharing equally strange American meals.

Here are some of the strangest recipes shared by the users. Caution: View at your own risk!

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