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7 Foods And Drinks To Avoid In Winters For A Healthy, Infection-Free Body

Foods to avoid in winters: There are certain foods which are best avoided in winters.


  • Winter season is in full swing and we all know the foods we should eat
  • However, there are certain foods which are best avoided during the season
  • Here are 5 foods which experts recommend we should not eat

Winter season is in full swing, and with it comes a host of delicious foods and cuisines. Everyone is well-aware of the foods that we must eat in winters – seasonal fruits, vegetables and all things warm and nourishing. But what about the foods we should avoid? Experts and nutritionists in the field suggest that a particular set of foods and food types are best avoided in the harsh winter season for better health and immunity. Try and give these foods a miss to maintain a healthy, strong body, which is less susceptible to infections.

Here Are 5 Foods To Avoid In Winters:

1. Cold Temperature Foods

Thinking of having a bottle of cola straight from the fridge? Think again. Having chilled drinks and cold foods can lower the body’s defense system, making it susceptible to diseases. “Cold temperature foods should not be had in winter season, as the body has to work twice as hard to bring them up to the body temperature,” says Consultant Nutritionist Rupali Dutta. 

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products are mucus-generating in nature – a feature which may make you prone to wheezing and other infections. Therefore, try to limit intake of cold dairy products such as milk, shakes and smoothies during winters. Curd, too, is best avoided post lunch in the winter season. Delnaaz T. Chanduwadia, Chief Dietitian at Jaslok Hospital says, “Some individuals are particularly sensitive to dairy and as per Ayurveda- it forms mucus. Hence those that are susceptible to colds and coughs should avoid dairy.”

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meats are rich in b vitamins

Foods to avoid in winters: Meats are heavy foods which are best avoided in winter season. 

3. Meats And Processed Foods

Heavy foods such as meats are not advised to be taken in the winter season. Experts say that it takes the body longer to digest these, thus making us lethargic at a time when physical inactivity is already low. This may lead to digestive issues and weight gain too. Minimising processed foods is also advisable in the cold weather as they may give rise to allergies in some people. “Food additives are known to trigger allergies reactions to variable degrees in individuals,” says Sweedal Trinidade, Senior Officer Dietetics (HOD) at P.D. Hinduja Hospital. 

4. Salads And Raw Food

According to Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora ND, it is best to avoid salads and raw food post lunch hours in winters. This is due to the fact that cold food items will increase acidity and bloating, and digestion is at its peak at noon. Consume seasonal salads like mooli and raw veggies at these hours only. “It’s important to eat wat is seasonal. Most foods that grow in a particular season are meant to aid/heal and protect against the diseases most susceptible in those months,” agrees dietitian Delnaaz T. Chanduwadia. 

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Foods to avoid in winters: Experts suggest avoiding salads post lunch in winters. 

5. Juices and Aerated Drinks

We all know that chilled beverages should be avoided in winter season. But experts suggest it is better to limit consumption of all aerated drinks, fruit juices and other sugary beverages. The high level of sugar in these leads to the body developing insulin resistance and thereby may lower immunity. “Eat fresh fruit and avoid fruit juices. Even fresh fruit juice should be avoided in winters,” says Shilpa Arora ND. 

6. Empty Calories 

Come winters and all we can think about is eating piping hot Pakoras and ghee-laden Paranthas. While these warm foods may help the body deal with the cold weather, experts advise exercising caution and avoiding overeating empty calories. “It will take you miles away from your healthy weight goals deranging your much controlled blood parameters. Spices may cater to your taste buds for a while but can give you gastric trouble in the long run,” says senior dietitian Sweedal Trinidade. 


Foods to avoid in winters: Stay away from high-calorie foods. 

7. Sweets 

There are so many festivals coincinding with the winter season, and celebrations are automatically associated with sugary treats and delicious desserts. However, senior dietitian Sweedal Trinidade, suggests that this may hamper the immunity in the harsh temperatures. “Let’s keep an eye on our Immunity while pampering the sweet tooth. Yes, sugar increases inflammation and associated pain also reduces immunity making you prone to respiratory disorders,” she says. 


Stay health, warm and safe. Don’t forget to stock up on good nutrition this winters! 

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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