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5 Desi Indian Snacks Youll Love To Have On Diabetes Diet



Diabetes alone can put a person at risk of many other serious diseases. Obesity, cardiovascular issues, kidney failure etc. are some of the outcomes of high blood sugar. That’s why health experts stress maintaining an optimal level of blood sugar to suppress the rapidly increasing cases of diabetes all across the globe. In India alone, the incidences of diabetes are in millions and are expected to shoot up to about 100 million by the year 2030. Experts suggest that a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits can play a significant role in preventing and managing diabetes. Thankfully, Indian cuisine abounds with several foods that are a part of our traditional diet and may greatly help in managing diabetes.  

So here we are listing down some desi recipes with diabetes-friendly foods that you can make as snacks to fulfill your in-between-the-meals hunger. No more excuses to grab that pack of chips or cook fries. Make these easy and healthy snacks at home and stay hale and hearty.  

5 Desi Indian Snacks For Diabetes Diet: 

1. Dal Idli 

Give the south Indian delicacy of idli a protein makeover to suit your diabetes diet. Idlis made with dal taste equally good, especially when paired with some electrifying chutneys. Try this recipe of chana dal idli or you can even go for this yummy moong dal idli

2. Dhokla 

This light, moist snack from Rajasthan is everyone’s favourite. Did you know that you can make many healthy varieties of dhokla other than sooji dhokla and besan dhokla? Try this sprouts and spinach dhokla, for instance, for your diabetes diet. 

3. Karela Tikki 

Karela is something not all of us are too fond of. But if you’ll have it in the form of this tikki, you are definitely going to have a change of heart. Bonus: it is perfect for your diabetes diet too. Click here for an easy recipe of karela tikki.

4. Shakarkandi Chaat 

Shakarkandi or sweet potato is one of the topmost choices of nutritionists when it comes to diabetes. And the best way to have this food is this evergreen street-style shakarkandi ki chaat. Click here for the recipe.  

5. Methi Muthia 

The crispy snack made with methi leaves, besan and atta is a perfect way to cater to your evening hunger pangs. Remember to steam the muthia for your healthy diabetes diet. Click here for the recipe.


Make these delicious healthy snacks that you are going to thoroughly enjoy on your diabetes diet.  

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