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Rasam Rice, Cheera Thoran and Pickle: The Authentic Kerala-Themed Meal Malaika Arora Had For Lunch



Malaika Arora just had a platter of heavenly south Indian food. The actress shared a picture of her lunch spread on Instagram Stories. It had authentic dishes from Kerala. In the platter, sent by a restaurant that makes only vegetarian food from Kerala, we can see rasam rice, cheera thoran, laddoo and pickle. “Happiness in a bowl,” Malaika captioned the photo. We can also see that the sumptuous food was served traditionally on a banana leaf. If you were left spellbound with this visually pleasing platter, you too can make it at home.

Now, there is no one rasam that you should stick to. There are a variety of flavours available to add to the curry. Tomato rasam is one of the easiest that you can experiment with. The spicy and tangy rasam is a blend of ingredients like tomatoes, masala, tur dal, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, red chillies, black pepper, cumin seeds, garlic cloves.

Another yummy alternative is pepper rasam. It can be the perfect recipe to choose during lockdown because of its immunity-boosting properties. Tamarind pulp and roasted peppercorn are the main ingredients of this rasam. It is also beneficial when you have a cold or flu. 

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Since this is the season of mangoes, you can also try out the mango rasam. Made of raw mangoes, this dish is originally known as mangaai rasam.

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If you are thinking of the green stir-fry cheera thoran, it is easy to make. The coconut-based side-dish is made with red or green spinach. The stir-fry recipe also includes ingredients like curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chillies and garlic. 

When it comes to sweet dish, like Malaika, you can opt for the lip-smacking traditional dessert, palada payasam. It is made with rice flakes, milk, sugar and cardamom powder.

Malaika has definitely inspired us to savour the taste of south Indian dishes. So, what are you planning to make?

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