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4 Of Our Favourite Masala Options You Can Have In Your Pantry



Here’s some magic in masala that instantly transforms any boring dish into a tasty meal. It also gives a unique character to the simplest of the ingredients. If you explore, you will find that every dish includes a pool of masalas, mixed together to add a unique texture to the recipe. But making these masala mixes at home can be time consuming since the process involves toasting, resting and then grinding. This is why we prefer resorting to ready-made masalas to make our job easier.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed down 4 of our favourite masalas that you may consider stashing in your pantry. Read on.

1. Madhura’s Recipe Masala:

It is a combo-pack of three different masalas that can be used in a variety of dishes on a daily basis. You can include it in recipes like kanda bhaji, misal pav and vada pav et al.

2. Hathi Achar Masala:

This achar masala pack is an aromatic blend of handpicked spices that instantly enhances the pack of flavours in achar. The best part is you just add this masala to your favourite ingredient – mango, lemon, chilli etc- and mix.

3. Delight Foods Myla pore Iyer’s Sambar Podi Masala:

Deemed to be made without any chemicals, artificial colour and flavours, this pack of Podi masala is perfect to make a bowl of soul-soothing sambar. You can also sprinkle it over dosa, uthappams and Idlis to make them yet more palatable.

4. Vasant Ready Mix Pav Bhaji Masala:

It contains a mix of different spices such as red chilli powder, coriander seeds, dry mango powder, pepper, etc. that makes the flavour of the bhaji more appealing and delicious. Get hold of this masala to make street-style pav bhaji at home.

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