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4 Dark Chocolates To Satisfy You Sweet Cravings Try It Today



If you are anything like us, then a portion of chocolate is enough to make you smile. A chocolate bar just makes the day better for us. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that chocolate echoes comfort, especially if it is dark chocolate. And the best part is, besides satisfying our soul, dark chocolate loads you up with a good amount of nutrients. It’s rich in antioxidant, and if eaten in moderation, dark chocolate can have several health benefits too.

Considering this, we found some delicious dark chocolate options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look:

Here’re 4 Dark Chocolate Options For You:

1. Amul Dark Chocolate

We bring you an assorted pack of Amul dark chocolates that include 3 chocolate bars with 55%, 75% and 90% cocoa content. All we can say is, this pack can satisfy every type of chocolate lover.

2. Mason Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate Bar

Made with good quality cocoa beans, this chocolate is 85% percent dark. This also makes a great option for the ones on a vegan diet.

3. Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate Bar

With 70% cocoa content, this dark chocolate spells indulgence. Besides having it as is, you can add it to cakes, milkshakes and more. Try it today.

8% off

4. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate

Another option with 70% cocoa content, it is a full-bodied dark chocolate, perfectly balanced to be neither bitter nor overpowering. It is rich, smooth and makes a popular choice in different chocolate-based recipe.

38% off

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