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On A Diet? Try These 5 Easy Salads Made With Desi Household Ingredients



Beginning with a weight loss journey can be difficult; to control the food portions, calories and exercising sound tiresome. But once you set on this journey, it becomes relatively easy to tackle your calories. When you start with weight loss, one of the things that we struggle with is finding foods that will fill our stomach and at the same time won’t let us gain a lot of weight. Since there are no shortcuts in leading a healthy lifestyle, we bring you some salads which you can make from everyday ingredients present at your home. You won’t need any fancy or extra ingredients to make these easy salads. Have a whole bowl of these without worrying about weight gain.

Take A Look At These Desi Salads Which You Can Easily Make At Home

1. Cucumber, beetroot and nuts salad:

Cucumbers are known to aid weight loss and beetroot, which might help lower blood pressure, improve stamina and help maintain weight. To make this salad, you need to finely cut the cucumber and beetroot and add these to a bowl. To this, add peanuts, salt, pepper and squeeze some lemon juice according to taste and enjoy!

Cucumbers are known to aid weight loss

2. Chickpea and vegetable salad:

This salad is high in protein and gives you a balanced meal in a bowl. Take some carrots, paneer, green and red bell pepper, and boiled cauliflower. Add these vegetables to a bowl with boiled chickpeas. To make the dressing, take one-fourth cup of oil, add salt, pepper and chilli according to taste. Mix and spread these.

3. Green papaya salad:

To make this salad, you would need one cup of shredded green papaya, carrots, cucumber, mint leaves and any kind of available seeds at your home. For the dressing, take vegetable oil, mix chilli pepper, garlic, lime juice and some brown sugar. Mix these together and pour over salad.


This salad is easy and nutritious

4. Rajma salad:

If you have some leftover rajma, then we have just the perfect way in which you can make use of it. To make a rajma salad from it, you would need half a cup of rajma, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, spring onions and top it with walnuts and peanuts. For flavour, you just need to add lemon, salt and pepper.

5. Mango salad:

This mango salad and its ingredients’ combination may sound a little weird, but it is delicious! Take half a cup of sliced mango, onions, red bell pepper and mint leaves. Mix these and enjoy!


A refreshing sweet and savory salad

Try these easy-to-make healthy salads and let us know how you liked them!

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