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5 Best Water Bottles To Keep Handy



Water is the basic necessity of life. It not only keeps us hydrated, but also helps fight several diseases and infections. This is why, health experts around the world time and again stress on drinking adequate amount of water every day to keep up a balance in our body. So, it is always wise to keep a water bottle handy and drink water time to time. Considering this, we found some smart water bottle options that will help you meet your daily hydration goals. Read on.

Here’re 5 Water Bottle Options For You:

1. Amazon Brand Solimo Plastic Bottle Se

This combo set of 6 multi coloured bottles is perfect for regular use. These bottles are freezer-safe, making them a great option for people who enjoy drinking cold water.

35% off

2. Cello Venice Exclusive Edition Plastic Water Bottle Set

Here’s another set of multi coloured and refrigerator-safe bottles for you. These bottles are unbreakable and deemed to contain an air-tight seal.

15% off

3. Milton Thermosteel Duo Deluxe Bottle

This stainless-steel bottle is versatile, durable and leak proof. Besides water, you can also carry juice, tea, coffee etc in it. With its climate insulation property, this bottle can keep the water hot or cold up to 4-6 hours.

3% off

4. Fun Homes Stainless Steel Water Bottle

We found another stainless-steel water bottle option for you. This combo set of 3 bottles is considered perfect for maintaining the temperature of the water- be it hot or cold.

70% off

5. Nayasa Plastic Bottle Set

This combo set features 6 BPA-free and multi-coloured bottles. These bottles have the capacity of storing 1litre water, which make them ideal for a long day out.

41% off

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