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5 Best Casserole Sets To Keep Your Rotis And Parathas Fresh And Hot



Let’s admit – rotis and parathas are best enjoyed when they are hot. But there are days when the meal is prepared much before we actually eat. In such situations, how do you plan to keep your rotis fresh and hot? A casserole comes to our rescue at this point. This utensil holds a significant position in most of our kitchens, and we regularly store parathas and rotis in it. Besides, some of us also keep our rice, sabzi and dal in a casserole to keep them warm for a long time. This utensil is uncomplicated and has multiple usages on a daily basis. Considering its popularity, we have handpicked some amazing casserole options that you can consider having in your kitchen.

Here’re 5 Casserole Options For You:

1. 4square Wooden Casserole

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your kitchen, then this casserole fits the bill perfectly. It also comes with a roti mat that keeps food fresh and warm for a longer period of time.

30% off

2. Pinnacle Casserole Set

This product comes in a set of three casseroles of different sizes that are ideal for keeping a full-fledged meal including dal, rice and chapatis. This product comes with functional lids and keeps food warm for up to 6 hours.

27% off

3. Pigeon by Stove kraft Casserole

This strong, sturdy and multipurpose casserole box is ideal for keeping deep fried pooris, curry vegetables, kachoris, samosas et al. Besides being spacious, it comes with a toughened glass lid and easy to grip steel ring.

20% off

4. Milton Casserole Set

This set is ideal for keeping soup, salad, chapatis, beverages, etc. hot or cold for long hours. It is ligt in weight and comes with an easy grip – perfect for daily usage.

12% off

5. Amazon Brand- Solimo Casserole

This product is long lasting and ideal for regular use. It comes with integrated side handles that make it easy to carry. It also has a leak-proof lid that prevents food from spilling.

45% off

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