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Malaika Aroras Spring Platter Is Brimming With Protein And Wellness (See Pic)



Bollywood actress and model Malaika Arora recently took to Instagram to showcase her platter of all things healthy. Looking at her nutritious meal, it is no surprise that she manages to keep herself so fit. From boiled eggs to cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and other seasoned veggies, the plate was bursting with nutrition and looked absolutely delicious. She actually reposted the story of an Instagram user ‘amillionspices’ who had captioned Malaika’s meal as “Malaika Arora’s spring platter of wellness” and added on to the caption with her own “N (and) Goodness”. Her food is a much-needed jolt to anyone who has been enjoying the monsoons with fried rainy-day snacks till now. See her Instagram story here:

Malaika Arora has the perfect things in her lunch menu

Seen in the picture is what seems to be some boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, olive, chickpeas, meat and tofu. If the half-squeezed lemon on the plate is any indication, the plate was topped with some lemon juice and seasoning, most probably black pepper. Pretty good amount of protein, we must say!

Filling up your plate with protein is always a good idea. A high protein diet increases metabolism and curbs appetite by filling you up for a longer time. It is the number one nutrient consumed by all weight watchers. Paired with olives and tomatoes that are good for your cardiovascular health, this is one hell of a nutritious meal! No wonder it inspired the Instagram user ‘amillionspices’ to construct their own summer platter.

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