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Hilarious Picture Of Egg Fail In The Kitchen Is Relatable For Everyone, Heres Why



Have you ever felt apprehensive about doing anything under the watchful gaze of another person? Like when you were a child, attempting to solve a maths problem that you knew exactly how to solve but messed up the minute the tutor looked at you? Or couldn’t execute that perfect omelette flip because your mother was watching, and now you’re eating scrambled eggs instead. The anxiety of being watched while doing any kind of work leads to feelings of performance pressure, making us antsy and jittery. If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, then you will find this post relatable. 

On June 8, Twitter user Ralph shared a picture of a stovetop with four burners. One of the burners is lit, while the other has a pan with broken eggshells in it and a spilled egg near another burner. Captioned, “Me when someone’s looking at me while I’m doing something.” 

Take a look at the post:

The upload has received several funny comments from users who described more such situations. Some shared their own experiences. 

One user wrote, “Me during driving lessons. My driving instructor noticed that I’d make more mistakes the more attention he paid me so he would start acting distracted. He is a gem.”

Another said, “This made me think about one time my former supervisor was standing over my shoulder while I made a spreadsheet for her, I forgot how to do everything.” 

The comical post has since gone viral garnering over 1 lakh likes and 71k retweets. 

If this hilarious incident has left you craving some yummy eggs. We have a list of quick and easy egg recipes for you to whip up irrespective of if you are being watched or not. 

Tell us what you thought of this funny incident, and which of these egg recipes was your favourite in the comments below.

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