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5 Best Iced Tea Options To Refresh You In A Jiffy



A refreshing drink is all you need when you are feeling drowsy and tired after a long, hectic day. While some like their classic cup of tea, others enjoy a glass of iced tea. Iced tea is basically flavoured black tea (or green tea at times), brewed and served cold with ice cubes, lemon wedge and sugar/honey. Whether it is sparkling peach tea or zesty lemon iced tea – we enjoy sipping each of these chilled drinks any time of the day. Besides being a refreshing drink, iced tea also includes antioxidants and several other health benefiting nutrients, thanks to the tea leaves.

We have handpicked 5 iced tea pre-mix options that will help you brew iced tea in just a few minutes. Take your pick:

1. Nestea Instant Lemon Iced Tea

Made with lemon juice and Nilgiri tea extracts, this tangy, thirst quenching lemon Iced tea is a popular choice among all. Besides, it also contains the goodness of vitamin C that provides instant hydration to the body.

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2. Brewhouse Naturally Brewed Organic Iced Tea

This product includes an assorted pack of different flavoured iced teas – classic lemon, classic peach and forest berry. It is made by organic tea leaves filled with the goodness of several essential vitamins and antioxidants.

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3. Creamix Iced Tea Premix

Lemon, ginger and honey make a soothing and powerful combination that provides instant rejuvenation. Besides, it helps you refuel with energy anytime of the day.

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4. Lipton Iced Tea

This product offers an authentic taste of tea and lemon, which makes this iced tea both tasty and healthy. Just pour a spoon of iced tea powder in a chilled glass of water and yes, it’s ready to be relished. Garnish it with a dash of lemon for extra tangy flavour.

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5. Tea Raja Mango Tango Iced Tea

This combination of juicy mango, hibiscus, cinnamon and black tea is a match made in heaven. Besides being tasty, it is also deemed to have several health benefits.

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