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Aloo Ka Achar Recipe: This Spicy Potato Dish Will Leave You Want For More


  • Aloo ka achar is an instant pickle you can enjoy with both rice and roti.
  • Aloo ka achar is a popular Nepali side dish.
  • This dish includes timur, but we can use black peppercorn instead.

A potato or two is enough to whip up a wholesome meal any time of the day. Potato is a man’s best friend, and we couldn’t agree to it more! It is simple, easy to make and can be given any form or texture as per your wish – from crispy French fries to gooey mashed potato. Aloo is versatile to the core, hence, we love preparing different delicious dishes with this amazing vegetable on a regular basis. While some popular aloo dishes like aloo paratha, aloo jeera et al never fail to win hearts, you also get multiple recipes that will take you by surprise. One such unique recipe is aloo ka achar. Yes, you read it right. This dish is basically an achar made with aloo.

We all know achar has no strict recipe to follow. It gives you enough room for experimentation. In fact, you can literally make achar with any ingredient you want. This particular dish is an instant achar, which makes a popular side dish in Nepali cuisine. Pair it with rice and dal or paratha, aloo ka achar offers a dash of spice to your palate. In Nepal, this dish is called ‘aloo ko achar’.

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How To Make Aloo Ka Achar | Aloo Ko Achar Recipe:

As mentioned earlier, it is an instant achar recipe, which means this dish can be prepared in no time. It is best enjoyed fresh. However, if kept properly, you can store it for 2-3 days.

Aloo ka achar sees multiple variations in Nepali food culture. While some add onion, cucumber with aloo, others like adding veggies including green peas and carrots. But what remains common in every recipe are white sesame seeds (safed til), mustard seeds and timur. For the uninitiated, timur is a Sichuan pepper-like traditional Nepali spice that is extensively used in different local dishes to add flavour and that extra zing. However, if you do not get timur nearby, you can replace it with black peppercorn in the recipe.

All you need to do is mix aloo with onion, green chillies, white til, lemon juice, black pepper etc and pour a tadka of methi-infused mustard oil. It is so simple that anyone can whip it up like a pro.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of aloo ka achar.

Prepare this achar and add some unique flavours to your meal today.


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