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Ajwain Chakli Recipe: A Crunchy, Savoury Snack Which You Can Binge On!

Ajwain Chakli recipe: This recipe is a must-try if you love crispy snacking.


  • Chakli is a popular snack in Maharashtra and Gujarat
  • It is a similar concept to Tamil Nadu’s Murukku
  • Here’s how to make a crunchy Ajwain Chakli at home

Cravings that arise in-between meals are truly unavoidable even by the best of us. The moment hunger pangs strike at odd hours, we tend to inevitably reach out for a bag of chips or a packet of namkeen. These tend to leave us bloated and hardly seem as wholesome and fulfilling, as homemade snacks or savoury goodies. What if we told you we have found a yummy, homemade snack that you can binge on? The search for the ultimate snack recipe ends here, as we have just what you need! This Ajwain Chakli recipe is all things crunchy, savoury and completely binge-worthy.

Chakli is a crispy, deep-fried snack typically made of rice flour, gram, or ground lentils. These crunchy delights get their name from their shape, as ‘Chakli’ is closely related to ‘Chakkar’, which means whirl or spiral in Hindi. The tightly wound Chakli coil has spikes all over and gives a unique crunchy texture, crumbling in the mouth with every bite. Chakli is widely popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat, and is a similar concept to Tamil Nadu’s ‘Murukku‘.

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Ajwain Chakli recipe: Chakli can be baked as well as fried. 

Ajwain Chakli is a unique and tasty snack recipe which gives maximum taste with minimal effort. The savoury munchie does not require too many ingredients or a tedious process; guaranteeing good taste with every bite!


How To Make Ajwain Chakli | Ajwain Chakli Recipe

The Ajwain Chakli recipe begins with the preparation of the dough. Rice and gram flour are mixed in the ratio of 2:1 along with eclectic spices which add a whole new edge to the preparation. The dough is then kneaded with a little bit of water and oil so as to make the right consistency – neither too stiff nor too soft. Once the dough is ready, heat up a kadhai of oil and pipe the Chaklis onto an oily surface with the help of a Chakli press. Deep fry until golden-brown and crisp on both sides. Serve hot and fresh, or store in an airtight jar for later use!

For the full step-by-step recipe of Ajwain Chakli, click here.

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