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From Nihari, Galouti To Korma, Khansaamas Mughlai Fare Is Here To Impress

Picture this: A table full of smoky, juicy kebabs, aromatic biryani, fiery korma and heavenly nihari! Tell us a better spread for a lazy Sunday lunch and we’ll wait. That is exactly why we were supremely excited to try all the goodness from Khansaama, a delivery kitchen based in the by lanes of old Delhi. As the name suggests, Khansaama is symbolic of an expression of art and finesse of the culinary marvels that were created in the Mughal kitchens. The delivery kitchen was founded during the lockdown in 2020 by two seventh-generation musician-brothers in Delhi-6 – Hafeez and Sameer Ahmed. The two strives to offer authentic Mughlai cuisine to foodies across Delhi NCR straight from the royal bawarchi khaana to customer’s doorstep.

Khansaama has an extensive menu offering everything from kakori and galouti kebabs to sheermal and kheer. And we knew we were in for a royal Mughlai expedition the moment we saw a line-up of delicacies delivered in ceramic handis. We started off with the kebabs- melt in the mouth galouti and succulent kakori. While on hand we were mesmerized by the subtlety of flavours in galouti, kakori were a fine mix of eclectic spices. We also noshed on tandoori chicken, a perfectly roasted chicken with a burst of spices.

Moving on to the mains, which were nothing less than the heritage of Mughlai kitchen on our platter! Starting with authentic slow-cooked mutton Nihari, which was a celebration of spices complimenting the juicy mutton, nothing short than heaven! Chicken Changezi had us longing for it more while also gasping for water while chicken korma was a true blue indulgent affair with each spice distinctly lending its flavour. We also noshed upon mutton stew – a comforting dish with a smooth texture and subtle spices, the one you would want to savour for long.

Biryani deserves a separate mention, simple for how seamless the mix of spices and rice were, to an extent that you wouldn’t find a single strand of rice out of flavour. The tender and juicy mutton chunks were laced with every bit of flavour.


Khansaama has a variety of breads including Sheermal and Rumali Roti which took our meal a notch higher.

While one can find multiple places serving Mughlai cuisine in and around Delhi, but there are few who does it right. Khansaama could be your go-to place to nosh over authentic Mughlai at the comfort of your home.

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