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A Unique Restaurant Selling Gay Burgers Goes Viral On Twitter With Supportive Reactions

Unique Gay Burgers restaurant goes viral.


  • A popular YouTuber opened a unique burger chain.
  • It sells ‘Gay Burgers’ and they have gone viral on social media.
  • See how people reacted to this unusual concept.

There may be scores of burger places everywhere all over the country but this one stands apart. Gay Burgers restaurant serves so-called ‘Gay Burgers’ and this unique concept has found many takers on social media. Popular YouTuber/comedian/activist Elijah Daniel opened this special burger chain, which has gone viral on Twitter. Elijah Daniel had earlier gained popularity with his comic stint along with fellow influencer Christine Sydelko. With the launch of hamburgers of LGBTQIA+ variety, he has won more hearts with his noble cause. All the sale proceeds of Gay Burgers restaurant will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Elijah Daniel announced the opening of this venture on his Twitter handle and it went viral soon after posting. Daniel revealed that the burgers will be available in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Fransisco via DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub.

Here’s the post:

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 So, what makes ‘Gay Burgers’ different than other burgers? All these burgers come enclosed in multi-coloured rainbow wrappers which are symbolic enough. But what really makes these burgers unique are the humorous titles given to each one of them.

Love Me Daddy (a “studly beef daddy patty” topped with American cheese, pickles, white onion, lettuce, and special house sauce “gayoli”).

I Like Chicks (fried chicken “daddy patty,” gayoli, mustard, lettuce, pickles)
Gay Fries (“Fries but they’re gay, y’know?”)

Extremely Gay Fries (your average gay fries plus caramelized onions, cheese, and bacon)

No More Milk Daddy (“vegan daddy patty,” sliced tomato, onion, pickles, lettuce)

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Twitterati seem to be excited about this new burger place. Many users replied on the post with comments like:

“Ima order some & we trying it on stream tonight.”

“I really wanna order some, but I’m all the way over in the East and at least a 12-hour drive from NYC.  The food looks so good.  Could beat Wendy’s alone on looks because I’ve found every other burger I’ve had from a well-known chain looks kinda small.  These are packed.”

“Can you do a gay pizza next? The names for the burgers are epic and I’m now trying to picture the amazing names you would make for pizzas.”

“That’s it. That seals the deal. I’ve been a Burger King fan for 50 years. I’ve had enough of it, I’ll be eating at Gay Burger where they actually know how to run a burger place.”

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