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6 Ways To Use Left-Over Rice For Breakfast

If you happen to be a hard-core rice lover like us, at least one of your meals need to comprise some rice. While making rice is a cakewalk, what really pinches is the amount of leftovers. A lot of people toss away the remaining rice, but many (thankfully) are wary of waring so much food. Now, you can store this rice in the fridge and eat it the next day for lunch, or make use of your vivid imagination to make delish breakfast with it. You would be surprised to know the range of items you can make with cooked rice. From fried rice to cutlets, there are options galore. So quit being boring and start thinking, these are a few ideas you can start with right away.

Here Are 6 Ways To Use Left-Over Rice For Breakfast:

1. Enjoy some fried rice

Toss them in a pan, with some chopped veggies and soy sauce and treat yourself with quick and delish fried rice. Pair it with any sauce, chutney or nothing at all, a plate of fried rice is sure to charm one way or the other.

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Fried rice is one of the easiest recipes


2. A crispy chawal cheela, yes, please!

Ever heard of rice cheela? For the uninitiated, cheela is a thin savoury pancake that is often served for breakfast. Cheelas can be made of moong dal, besan, or sooji. Guess what, you can make super crispy rice pancakes by mashing rice and a bunch of spices together too.

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3. Say yes to quick rice pops

Rice pops also require bare minimum ingredients and guarantee a wholesome experience every time. You may have tried veg pops or chicken pops, but have you ever tried rice pops? It’s time you do, for there are very few snacks that re as easy to put together. Take some rice, season it with masalas, throw in some cheese and veggies if you want, roll them in balls, coat them in crumbs and fry till golden. Sounds like a cakewalk, right?

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chicken nuggets

Rice pops are a hit among kids and adults alike

4. Chawal ka paratha, anyone?

Rice paratha, an ingenious dish that you would often find in your lunch boxes in school- is nothing but very creative use of left-over rice. Mash the rice, add masalas of your choice. Mix it up well until you get the stuffing of dreams, fill your atta with this mixture and make your own chawal ka paratha in no time.


Rice can be used to make rice parathas too

5. Make way for rice fritters

Bhaat Bhaja literally means rice fritters in Bengali. This classic snack combines the goodness of rice, potato, onions, eggs, green chillies and garam masala. Fry in ghee till golden, and enjoy these home-style, quick fritters with your piping hot masala chai.

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6. A plate of lemon rice= Bliss

If you fancy South Indian food, you are in luck for there is a whole gamut of dishes you can prepare with a batch of leftover rice. Lemon rice is one such comfort food that only requires a handful of spices and lemon zest to come together. Pair it with sambar, rasam, chutney and your brunch is set. Click here for lemon rice recipe. 


Try these ideas and kickstart your mornings on a high.

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