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6 Vegetarian, Crispy North Indian Snacks We Can Never Get Enough Of 


  • Pakoda are fritters made with flour and vegetables
  • Samosa is an iconic snack from North India
  • Gujiya is a sweet and crispy snack

What are those few qualities that draw you towards a snack? We understand it is a combination of factors, but if you were to pick between two of your favourites, what would you pick? If you ask us, we would perhaps pick the crispier one of the lot. If you come to North India, you would find a range of crispy snacks, each so unique in its own. Be it the flavour or the texture, or the colour, these North Indian snacks always guarantee a memorable experience. So without further ado, here’s a list of some of our all-time favourites that you should try soon.  

Here Are 6 Vegetarian, Crispy North Indian Snacks We Can Never Get Enough Of 

1. Onion Pakoda

Let’s admit it. There is no ‘ideal’ time to have pakodas because they can be had just about any time of the day. They are crispy, they are crunchy and so ridiculously easy to make. Just chop some onions, dip them in a batter and fry till crisp. Slurping already? Here’s the recipe you are looking for. Oh, and also don’t forget to pair it with hot masala chai.  

Every time is ‘ideal’ time for pakodas

2. Pyaaz Kachori


You would have tried a range of kachoris, but very pyaaz kachori is nothing like anything you have had before. This crusty, fried pastry filled with spicy, caramelized onions and a medley of masalas has indulgence written all over it. Pro tip: crush them and serve them with a  combination of sweet and chilly chutney for the best experience. Click here for the recipe.  


Kachori is a fried puff pastry

3. Gujiya

A sweet snack? Why not! Gujiyas are fried dumplings that are filled with a sweet filling of jaggery, coconut or khoya. Nuts and dry fruits give this snack an additional crunch; and considering how easy they are to make at home, it would be a crime of sorts to wait till Holi to make them.  Click here for the recipe.  

4. Namak Pare

Crispy and replete, with nostalgia, namakpare is a delish bite-sized snack that has been an intrinsic part of so many of our festivals, get-togethers, tea-time and what not. These flavourful besan crisps are so easy to make at home; and when you are making them at home, you get to jazz it up the way you want. Click here for the recipe.  


Namak pare is a popular North Indian snack

5. Moong Dal Samosa

You saw this coming, didn’t you? Samosas are to North India what vadas are to South India. A tea-time staple, samosas are basically fried puffs filled with hot potato mixture. Birthday parties to picnics samosas are a hit everywhere, so might as well learn the recipe today? Click here for the recipe. 

6. Mirchi Vada

It is fiery, bold, edgy and an absolute classic. Mirchi vada from Rajasthan is a special kind of vada made by slitting chillies and stuffing it with a toothsome mashed potato mixture. These chillies are then dipped in a runny besan batter and fried until crispy and golden. A sizzling feast you mustn’t miss.  Here’s the recipe.


What are you waiting for? Try these crackling recipes and let us know which ones you liked the best! 

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