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2021 Toyota Mirai pricing and official range announced

The totally new 2021 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicle is over $9,000 cheaper than the old Mirai.

The Mirai XLE (base model) will start at $50,455, including the $955 destination charge. If you want the Limited with every option in the book, that’ll cost $66,955. One of the premium paint options will add another $425 to either trim. Optional chrome 20-inch wheels are available on the Platinum for an additional $1,120. And the XLE has a Technology Package that adds a 360-degree bird’s eye camera, front and rear parking assist w/automated braking and footwell illumination for $1,410.

These prices hardly tell the full story of purchasing a Mirai, though. Every Mirai sold is eligible for an $8,000 tax incentive handed out by the federal government, and local tax incentives could come into play, too. For example, the state of California (the location of nearly every hydrogen station in the country and very likely the only place it makes sense to purchase a Mirai) will give you an extra $4,500 on top of the federal money. Toyota is also tossing some hydrogen money on the hood of each Mirai it sells, as it promises to provide up to $15,000 in complimentary hydrogen to all owners. We don’t have the fine details, but Toyota also says to expect special financing rates, retail cash back and launch cash back when the Mirai first goes on sale. All of this is starting to make the Mirai make a lot of financial sense, but Toyota isn’t done yet.

It was also announced that each Mirai will get extended ToyotaCare coverage that’s good for three years or 35,000 miles. Essentially, it’s an extra free year and 10,000 miles of maintenance and roadside assistance versus other Toyotas. The FCEV system warranty is good for eight years or 100,000 miles. And finally, you’ll get a free rental for up to 21-day periods throughout the first three years of ownership should your Mirai need servicing.

If you don’t want to buy a Mirai outright, Toyota offers lease options. The XLE leases from $499/month, and the Platinum from $549/month. Regardless, if you play your cards right and live in a state with additional tax incentives, you could end up with a brand new Mirai for an especially low price. You’ll save money over the years with Toyota paying for your fuel, too.

On the topic of fuel, Toyota released an official range figure today. The XLE is capable of up to 402 miles when full. That’s about 30% better than the outgoing Mirai. You take a hit with the Platinum trim, as range decreases to 357 miles due to the heavier weight and larger wheels. The vehicle’s official 0-60 mph time is also out today, and it’s predictably slow, jogging there in 9.2 seconds. That’s par for the course with hydrogen vehicles.

Versus the Honda Clarity and Hyundai Nexo, the Mirai is right in the ballpark when it comes to price and range. The Clarity starts at $58,490, whereas the Nexo sells from $58,735. An XLE is significantly less expensive, but the upcharge for the Limited ramps the price way up there, past even the highest Limited trim of the Nexo that goes for $63,360.

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