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2021 Ford Bronco accessories catalog is now online



Fans of the 2021 Ford Bronco can not only spec their ideal build on the official configurator but can even more fully outfit their Bronco now that Ford has launched the official accessories catalog online. The site lists 198 Ford Bronco accessories including mechanical upgrades, appearance items, all manner of racks, various soft tops, and a whole lot more.

Items range in price from $15 for a square rubber hitch insert with a Bronco logo to a Bronco M220 4.46 or 4.70 rear-axle assembly for $2,275. Top options include a bimini top for the two-door ($299), a Sunrider top that combined a hardtop with an opening soft-top front section ($1,139–$1,299), and a TrekTop full retractable soft top in vinyl or twill fabric ($1,579–$2,229). The Bronco’s highly anticipated tube doors are $1,000 for two-door models and $1,600 for the four-door.

For those headed to the trails, there are the expected full-body skid plates ($695) and rock rails ($595), as well as front and rear body-corner protectors ($169) and off-road recovery kits (regular $149 and heavy-duty $329). To record your adventures, there are dash cams ($189–$349). And when you’ve reached that idyllic wilderness spot, you can pitch a tent — a rooftop tent by Thule ($1,599) or Yakima ($1,859) or a ground-based SUV SportzTent by Napier (pictured, $379).

Of course, there are numerous racks to bring it all with you, and harnesses for your canine co-pilot. Hitch extensions and a trailer brake controller ($339) allow you to bring even more.

Some items have delayed availability — much like some versions of the Bronco itself. Among those later-arriving items are a Ford Performance off-road suspension kit, Ford Performance Sport Muffler, and bead-lock wheel trim rings.

Buyers who order their accessories at the time of purchase can roll that cost into the financed amount, which is one advantage to buying through Ford rather than in the aftermarket. We expect to see even more wildly kitted out Broncos in the coming months — and we’d be surprised if Ford’s new SUV didn’t have a major presence at SEMA this fall.

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