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Want To Boost Your Immunity? This Age-Old Food Habit May Do Wonders



Given the pandemic, people across the world have been looking for ways to strengthen their immune system. There are ample foods that we can add to our daily diet to improve our immunity and many of these food practices are an intrinsic part of our traditional Indian cuisine. Now, nutritionist Luke Coutinho has revealed one simple way to keep our immune system strong. Interestingly, Luke’s tip involves one food ingredient that is easily available in every kitchen — onions. Coutinho shared a picture of some freshly cut onions on Instagram and wrote, “Boost your immunity with this simple age-old habit of eating raw onion with meals.”

The health expert further added a disclaimer that read, “If you have severe acidity or GERD, onion may not suit you, and in that case, it’s recommended you cook the onions.”

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In addition to onions, there are several other common household food ingredients that can help with the immunity-boosting process. Honey is one such superfood that you can consume to stay healthy. In addition to being extremely beneficial to the skin, it also helps cure seasonal allergies.

Similarly, the importance of consumption of Vitamin-C rich fruits such as lemon and orange must be reiterated. Raw orange pieces or even consuming its juice can be helpful to improving immunity. A glass of lemon juice daily or simply sprinkling lemon juice in your recipes is also beneficial for health. You can also add mangoes to this list of fruits, as they are filled with Vitamin A.

Curd is another essential ingredient that can help improve immunity. This probiotic dairy product has the goodness of Vitamin D and potassium. Apart from that, it also helps in maintaining the health of the digestive system and gut.

You can also indulge in some flavoured beverages and sherbets to make ‘healthy eating’ seem more fun. One such delicious recipe that you can try is the mint lassi. You can also make a yummy kokum fig sherbet which is as healthy as it is easy to make. Mango panna or bel panna are also suitable drinks to enjoy in summers.

Tell us which recipe you are going to try out next to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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