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Viral Video About Compulsory Tips At Restaurant Strikes A Chord With Twitter Users



Eating at a fine dining restaurant is a lavish affair – right from the décor to the ambience and to the three-course meal. But even eating out comes at a cost. Most restaurants, especially in the United States, impose a compulsory tip or a ‘gratuity’ cost on their customer’s bills. In India, this is known as a ‘Service Charge’ at restaurants and is capped at 10%. In the US, however, the tip is a whopping 20% of the bill amount. A content creator and blogger named @calvinandhabs created a video on this very topic, and it soon went viral on Twitter. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Twitter by user @antifatwa, where it received over 1.3 million views and counting. It also received over 111.4k likes and 36.2k retweets. “When the Germans find out about tipping in the US,” read the caption to the video.

In the one-minute 3-second clip, we can see a conversation between the customer and a waiter. The customer expresses his shock on seeing the 20% compulsory restaurant tip, when the waiter says it’s just how the restaurant industry works. He further says that most of the earnings of the waiting staff come from the tips that customers leave, which shocks the customer. The waiter also said that this was a way to keep business costs down, when the customer said, “Then the business should not exist!”

A spate of discussion started around the video on Twitter, as users found it an extremely relatable situation. “Why should we pay a compulsory tip,” questioned a few while others remarked to the waiter, “You should seriously look for another job.”

Take a look at the reactions:

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