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This Aloo Ka Papad Is A Crispy Evening Snack That Deserves Your Undivided Attention



There is something about evenings that fuel our cravings for something crispy. No matter how ‘kadak’ and amazing your ‘chai’ is, you always need something to munch on simultaneously. Pakodas and kachoris are usual suspects, and while we are a fan of both, a little bit of change is always welcome. Now that most of us are in lockdown again, it is a good time to explore and experiment with some new recipes. They need not be elaborate, something as simple as a papad could also fire up your evenings if you give it a chance. Yes, you heard us. Come to think of it, a papad has all it takes to be ‘the ultimate evening snack’. It is light, crispy and satisfying. Nothing about a papad is quite as overwhelming, yet its packs enough flavour to leave a mark.

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Crispy potatoes is one of the most common dishes in Indian cuisine.

Aloo ka papad is a popular North Indian snack that is usually prepared on special occasions like Holi. They are essentially like sun-dried chips, but a very desi and indulgent version of it.  Papads are usually made with lentils that are mashed in a way that it becomes a fine dough and could be rolled out super thin. To make these aloo papads, you need to knead dough of mashed potatoes, salt, oil and chilli powder. Take small portions and roll as thin as possible. Place them on plastic sheet. Put them out in the sun, once dry, store them in an air-tight box, and when you craving strikes, fry them fresh and enjoy.

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Here is the detailed recipe of aloo ka papad. Try making it soon and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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