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Anita Hassanandani Wore A Chefs Hat To Make Sumptuous Sindhi Style Mutton



Actress Anita Hassanandani has been lately busy with the mommy duties. However, she recently took some time off to prepare this delicious dish. Anita shared a video of Sindhi style mutton. And, it looks yummy. We can see a pan of piping hot mutton gravy with some spices added to it. We can also spot chunks, veggies and bay leaf in the frame. Garam masala, garlic paste and ginger paste are the key ingredients used in preparing it. Although Anita did not share the recipe of this lip-smacking dish, fret not. You can try out this equally delectable Foto Bhuno Gosht. It is also called Sindhi mutton chops. This unique delicacy can be made in just an hour with ingredients like mutton, green cardamoms, ginger, black pepper and flour.

Click here for Foto Bhuno Gosht (Sindhi Mutton Chops) Recipe

Earlier, producer Rhea Kapoor too devoured a tasty Sindhi meal made by chef Vicky Ratnani. She uploaded the picture on social media of the spread which included Sindhi curry, mutton curry, chicken and Sai bhaji.

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Are you wondering about more easy Sindhi style recipes to cook at home? You can start with Sindhi kadhi. The popular item is filled with nutritious vegetables and tasty spices, making it a perfect side dish during lunch or dinner. Here’s the recipe.

You can also give a tangy twist to the Sindhi kadhi by making Tamatar kadhi. All you have to do is add tomato puree to the recipe.

Here’s another Sindhi dessert recommendation. One cannot simply say no to Tosha. The trademark Sindhi sweet dish is prepared with flour, milk, ghee, vanilla essence and sugar. Here’s the recipe.

You have a lot of fresh items to experiment with this week. What’s your pick?

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