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South Indian Cuisine: On A Diet? 5 High-Protein South Indian Recipes Thatll Impress


  • South Indian food is quite varied
  • South Indian cuisine has a gamut of snacks
  • Many of these preparations could also be very healthy

South Indian cuisine is too vast and diverse to be explained in a line or two. In our view, any explanation would be too simplistic, but there are a few striking features that always manages to survive us. South Indian cuisine is often heralded as one of the most balanced cuisines – there are also many south Indian dishes that could be an excellent addition to your weight loss diet. Yes, you heard us. There are plenty of South Indian dishes that are high in protein. Protein makes you feel full and naturally, you would eat in controlled portions and not binge on fattening snacks, further preventing the risk of weight gain. Here are 5 South Indian dishes that are packed with protein and could be included in your diet today.

Here Are 5 High Protein South Indian Recipes You Must Try For Weight Loss:

1. Soya Uttapam
Soya is dubbed to be an excellent alternative to meat when it comes to protein intake. It is also endowed with many other health benefits. Uttapam is a pancake-like dish made with a rice batter and topped with chopped vegetables, chillies and herbs. Give this crispy pancake a high protein edge by bringing soya to the mix. How exactly? Here’s the recipe.

Uttapam is a wholesome pancake-like dish


2. Pesarattu
This green-coloured dosa is a wholesome treat that you deserve every morning. Made with the goodness of moong dal, coriander leaves and green chillies, this dosa is native to Andhra Pradesh. You can have it with ginger chutney or coconut chutney. Click here for the recipe.


This green-coloured dosa is a wholesome treat

3. Oats Idli
Idli is touted to be one of the healthiest Indian snacks since time immemorial. Unlike most other Indian snacks, idli is steamed and not fried, thus consisting of much lesser calories. In oats idli, the traditional rice batter is replaced with one made with high-protein oats, urad dal, carrots and more. Click here for the recipe.


Idli is a puffed rice cake

4. Peerkangai Kootu
Made with a combination of moong dal, ridge gourd (torai) and coconut. The scintillating tempering is the USP of this lentil dish that makes for a wonderful pairing with rice. Serve it piping hot, and watch your kids lap up to it in no time. Here’s the recipe.


5. Sambar
The soothing dish made with lentil and a combination of vegetables is a common accompaniment with idli, dosa, vada, appams, uttapams, rice and what not!  The ubiquitous stew is replete with the goodness of plant-based protein, fibre and a bunch of antioxidants. Here’s the step-by-step recipe of sambar.


Sambar is a lentil stew

So, what are you waiting for? Wear your chef caps and start cooking! Let us know which recipe you liked the most n the comment section below.

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