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Porsche 911 Sport Classic caught in Nurburgring spy photos



A little more than a decade ago, Porsche released a special edition 911 called the Sport Classic. And as the name indicates, it incorporated a bunch of styling cues from classic 911 models. Now it seems the company is working on a successor using the 992 generation of 911, and it has a bunch of the previous model’s trademarks.

There are a couple of parts of this 911 that immediately identify it as the Sport Classic, one of which being the roof. Current 992 911s all have a smooth roof. This model has a roof with a couple of creases to evoke a double-bubble design used on old sports cars, as well as the last Sport Classic. You’ll also notice that the creases on the hood are not like those on other 911s. They’re closer together so that they line up with the ones on the roof.

The other clear identifier is the rear spoiler. It’s a fixed ducktail spoiler like that used on the famous 911 2.7 Carrera RS of the 1970s, and was a signature of the old Sport Classic. It’s also not something you’ll find on any current 911.

Besides these unique pieces, this Sport Classic also seems to borrow most of its body from the 911 Turbo. It has the same front and rear bumpers, the Sport Design wheels and the extra-wide rear fenders. Those fenders lack air vents, though, indicating that it may use one of the regular Carrera model’s engines, possibly the S with a bit of extra power to make it a little more special. It’s possible that at least the wheels will also change for production, since the last Sport Classic got Fuchs-inspired wheels.

This prototype doesn’t have much camouflage, and it’s based on a current model, so we bet the production car will be revealed within a year. Expect it to be very limited production and likely rather pricey.

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